Does Your Device Have Battle Scars?

Does Your Device Have Battle Scars?

Find phone screen and tablet screen repair in Windham, ME by contacting Cell Phone Medic

Your screen is the most delicate part of your device. Once it cracks, you can’t use your phone or tablet efficiently, if at all. Cell Phone Medic can repair your:

  • Tablet
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Motorola

We carry many brand-name devices in our shop. Our technicians can complete most screen repairs within 10-30 minutes. If your phone or tablet needs more TLC, we’ll keep it and call you when we’re done.

Call 207-956-9999 ASAP to get a free estimate on your screen repair in Windham, Maine.

Don’t fret if we don’t have the parts we need in stock

Cell Phone Medic can give you a temporary phone at no extra charge until we get the parts we need. This way, you’ll still have a way to communicate with others while your device is being fixed. Visit us today to get your screen repaired ASAP in Windham, ME. We’ll also sell you a glass protector to prevent your screen from becoming damaged again.