Don’t Lose Vital Information

Don’t Lose Vital Information

Visit Cell Phone Medic for tablet and phone data recovery in Windham, ME

Did your phone take an unexpected swan dive? Bring it to Cell Phone Medic ASAP so you don’t lose your information. We can recover data from your phone within 24-72 hours. You’ll feel relieved once you see your contacts, pictures and other data in your phone again.

Visit our shop today for fast phone and tablet data recovery service in Windham, Maine.

What you shouldn’t do to recover your information

When your device is damaged, you’ll try anything to get it to work. However, we don’t recommend:

  • Putting your phone in rice
  • Screaming at it
  • Waiting for it to work properly again

What you should do is turn it off and bring it to Cell Phone Medic right away. We charge $100-$200 depending on the device and the severity of the damage. Our technicians will get your data fully recovered in no time.

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